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The Ultimate Coffee Gift Box



  • Grumpy Mule Milestone Filter Coffee (70g)
  • Grumpy Mule Organic Landscape Coffee (70g)
  • Annas Cappuccino Thins (150g)
  • Daelman’s Stroopwaffels (78g)
  • Dark Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans (60g)
  • 2 x Border Biscuits (60g)

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The ultimate gift for any coffee lover. Each Ultimate Coffee Gift Box contains a selection of Grumpy Mule coffee and tasty snacks to satisfy any cravings you might have. Grumpy mule are an independent coffee roaster based in Yorkshire. They provide award winning coffee that is meticulously sourced and ethically traded. This selection boasts Organic landscape coffee (Taste notes- complex, sweet & complete. Dark chocolate, butterscotch & redcurrant) and Milestone filter coffee (Taste notes mellow, balanced & accessible, milk chocolate, cane sugar & white grape.).

Annas Original Cappuccino Thins have been elevating hot drink experience since 1929. The classic Annas Pepparkakor with the taste of thin crisp ginger and cappuccino compliment your gift perfectly.

Roasted coffee beans dipped in dark chocolate, what’s not to like? Are you in need of a caffeine boost, or do you just love coffee and chocolate? Either way these chocolate coffee beans are amazing.

Border biscuits are grounded upon authentic family recipes which have been meticulously developed over the years. Each biscuit moment should be the best it can be to compliment your perfect tea gift set.

Daelmans Stroopwafel, the ultimate indulgence. Hermanus Daelmans opened a small family bakery in 1904 and they have stayed true to their words: ‘When you indulge, do it right’. There are 3 points to remember with you Stroopwafel. 1. Rest Stroopwafel on top of your hot cup of coffee. 2. Wait for two minutes to allow the caramel to go soft. 3. Enjoy!