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Happy Birthday Coffee Gift Hamper


  • Little’s Flavoured Instant Coffee French Vanilla – 50g
  • Little’s Flavoured Instant Coffee Amaretto – 50g
  • Mr Filbert’s Salted Caramel Chocolate & Nut Mix – 75g
  • Rendles Caramel Shortcake Bar – 90g
  • Cartwright & Butler Belgian Chocolate Fudge Carton – 175g
  • Whitakers ‘Happy Birthday’ Milk Chocolate Bar – 90g
  • Original Biscuit Bakers Bumblebee Shortbread Biscuit – 55g

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A great birthday present for any flavoured coffee lover. Each Happy Birthday Coffee Gift Hamper contains an amazing selection of flavoured Little’s coffee, salted caramel chocolate and nut mix, an iced shaped shortbread biscuit, Belgian chocolate fudge, a caramel shortcake bar and a high quality milk Happy Birthday chocolate bar. The items are packaged in our branded Pelican Parcels hamper box, all neatly wrapped in black tissue paper and sealed with a yellow ribbon.

Little’s have been in the coffee game for over 30 years and are obsessed with amping up quality, levelling up on flavour and challenging the status-quo by supplying a wide variety of flavoured coffee! The Little’s coffee collection in our Happy Birthday Coffee Gift Hamper is curated of:

French Vanilla – this is a super high quality Arabica coffee infused with natural Madagascan Bourbon vanilla. Did you know that Bourbon vanilla originated on the island of Reunion (originally called Bourbon) named after the French dynasty who settled the island, hence why it is called French Vanilla!

Amaretto – again this is a super high quality Arabica coffee infused with the smooth flavour of almonds. This is one of Little’s personal favourites and is just like adding a dash of Dissarono to your coffee, but without the sweetness.

Mr Filbert’s Salted Caramel recipe combines salted honeyed nuts with chocolate and Cornish caramel fudge to produce a scrumptious sweet and salty snack.

Cartwright & Butler are rightly proud of their classic fudge, made with real butter to a traditional Scottish recipe. And here, they take things a step further towards the sublime by adding rich Belgian chocolate to the mix. Creamy, chocolatey and absolutely melt-in-the-mouth. What more could you ask for? We’ve selected this particular fudge as we think it works beautifully with Little’s French Vanilla instant coffee.

Rendles are food-lovers through & through and are proud to have been at the heart of Britain’s thriving foody landscape for over three decades. In our Happy Birthday Coffee Gift Hamper we bring you a salted caramel shortcake, perfect as a birthday treat!

The Original Biscuit Bakers hand decorated shortbread bumblebee biscuit is created from only the finest ingredients before being iced by a team of talented artists. This delicious shortbread really does shout HapBEE Birthday!

Finally, we’ve included Whitakers Milk Chocolate bar. Whitakers have been making chocolate in Yorkshire since 1889 and we feel this complements the Little’s Amaretto instant coffee perfectly.